Waste Your Life. Be An Artist. began as a reverse propaganda sticker campaign that started hitting the streets of Las Vegas, NV in 2005 with wheat paste and stickers. From its humble roots of bombing the local arts district, we have since reached across the entire U.S. and into many other countries. Despite an international presence, we have grown locally as a DIY Brand to support artists of all walks by promoting gallery shows, live music, and other events encompassing many artistic genres.

In Septemeber of 2013 we opened Wasteland Gallery in Las Vegas' Downtown Spaces. We feature a monthly rotation gallery space for visual artists, as well as local art prints, music and merch for sale to provide an outlet for local up and coming and underground artists to display and sell their art, music and merchandise.

We continue to promote art and creativity through various projects we are involved with and are always working to branch out and grow further as a Label and a DIY Brand that artists of all types can be proud to represent and feel a part of.

As of the 10th anniversary of the campaign (July 2015), Waste Your Life. Be An Artist. has been listed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License to allow for sharing, remixing & distribution (with attribution) by people other than the original artist & copyright holder, Scott R. Wood.